The Database System to speed up your Analytical Jobs

Choose what you need

Choose from a wide range of SQL features to realise your applications from pure analytics to hybrid transactional/analytical processing.

Do more work in less time

When you're curious about what's in your data; when you want to work efficiently; when your deadline is closing: MonetDB returns query result in mere seconds or even less.

Add your own code

When you want to (re)use your own code; when you need specialised functions: use the hooks to add your own user-defined functions in SQL, Python, R or C/C++.

Join the community

Join us and expand the MonetDB community spread over 130+ countries with students, teachers, researchers, start-ups, small businesses and multinational enterprises.

Feature rich

MonetDB provides an SQL compliant database interface, supporting the common SQL features such as keys, joins, views, triggers and stored procedures. Furthermore, it supports full-ACID properties for concurrent transactions, SQL:1999 ROLLUP, CUBE and GROUPING SETS, SQL:2003 merge statements, and SQL:2011 window functions.


Achieving high-performance for heavy analytical workloads requires fine-grained optimisation throughout the database software stack. In MonetDB, your queries are translated by tens of relational optimisers to a parallel execution plan leveraging the modern multi-core CPU architecture, on a column-based storage model designed primarily for analytical data processing. Where applicable, additional indices are used to accelerate your queries' execution.

User-defined functions

Next to user-defined aggregate, filter, window and table returning SQL functions, MonetDB also supports UDFs implemented using Python, R or C/C++ with zero data conversion costs.

Open source frontier

With her roots in core database research, MonetDB closely follows the frontline of the technological development. Since her first release in 2004, MonetDB constantly matures proven research ideas into production-level features and contributes product improvements back to the community.

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Royal Decoration

Yeah, you heard it right! MonetDB inventor is a Knight in the Royal Order of the Netherlands Lion.

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European Projects

We believe in common scientific progress.

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Countries that regularly contribute

MonetDB is used worldwide for education, research, and businesses.

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Commits on MonetDB repo

And, we're more than a bit nerdy!

Check the official repository of MonetDB or our official Github mirror

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Familiar Playground

  • BI dashboard applications

  • Workflow management systems

  • Medical & DNA data analysis

  • Financial data analysis & predictions

  • Astronomical objects behaviour studies

  • Network performance & security monitoring

Open Areas

  • Time series

  • Machine Learning

  • Streaming data processing

  • Spatial temporal applications

MonetDB is free and Open Source. The license of MonetDB is the Mozilla Public License, version 2.0. For all earlier license versions, the MonetDB Public License Version 1.1 applies.
Read more about MonetDB license at Legal Notices.

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